We (GE ENGINEERING) are fully aware of the several big infrastructures Project is presently undertaking, and thus contributing to the national developments of the country & GDP growth in many folds. We strongly believe that GE ENGINEERING can provide supports to this project in the following areas: –
GE ENGINEERING Services at a glance :
• Sub-Station: Oil type & Dry type
• Panel (HT, LT, Synchronizing System, MDB, SDB, DOL, ATS): Siemens/ABB/Schneider/ ABLE
• Type Tested Panel: Siemens-Germany
• LV, MV, HV equipment: ABB/Schneider/Siemens/Hyundai/Hitachi
• Busbar Trunking System (BBT): Imported from Italy/Turkey/PRC
• Brand New Heavy Duty Industrial Diesel Generator: Japan/Germany/UK/USA/EU
• Lightning Protection System (LPS): ABB/LPS-France
• Solar System: Off Grid, On Grid and Industrial Project
• Fire Protection & Detection System: Italy/Turkey/PRC
• Online UPS: Italy/Turkey/PRC
• 24×7 Service Support: Routine Maintenance, on call Services, Overhauling, Spares Parts.
• Earthing of Critical Path
Should we get an opportunity, we would be happy to present our capabilities with further information to the project or any of your affiliated organization.