Quality Assurance

Quality is the loyalty of characteristics of all entity that bear on its ability to satisfy staled and implied needs quality is governed by the retirements and specification set by the customer. In the contractual environment needs are specified whereas another environment implied needs should be identified and defined. In many instances needs can be changed in times, this implies periodic revision of specifications. Therefore, overall project management plays a vital role in achieving desired quality.
For quality assurance RootTOP Limited has standard quality control procedure. We adopt operational techniques and activities aim at both monitoring the progress of execution and eliminating causes unsatisfactory performance in order to result in effectiveness. All the planed and systemic activities implemented within quality system and demonstrated as needed to provide adequate confidence that on entity will requirement for quality. QA activities are oriented towards the reduction, limitation and most importantly prevention of quality deficiencies


The Thing that makes us different
Latest Technology:
Latest Technology and tools are our most important partners in our effort to maintain efficiency and quality of our works. We always updated with time and technology to run our business smoothly to achieve satisfaction from our clients.
Care for Environment:
RootTOP Limited operates in construction area with differing governance standard it consistently enforces a standard approach to Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) and does not compromise its standard of conduct when operation in deferent location.